Our projects

Ecotourism Project by Village Monde

Water Bearer

Without water, there is no life, no agriculture, no development, no autonomy. Walking up and down the mountains for water is not only counter productive, it is exhausting. Since 2001, the Water Bearer has been implementing drinking water systems in the villages of Flores. »»»

Otonomi Program

Phase 2 of the Water Bearer Program, the Ngada Ginger and Coffee Plantation Cooperative allows its peasant members to take their destiny in their own hands and stand up against poverty thanks to Loans for Dignity granted by the members of the Partners for Development network.

Coop bank sampah

Breaking up with that image of Third World adults and kids collecting garbage in open dumps,  Coop Bank Sampah has set up a waste collecting and recycling plant in cooperation with the Government of Flores, Caritas Belgium and Rainforest Alliance.


For more information: info@partenairededeveloppement.org