Our Partners


The effectiveness of Program Otonomi is based on action and concrete results. Where water is needed, we bring water. Where the soil is covered with bushes, the peasant entrepreneurs clear it with their machettes, plant it with ginger and coffee seeds, sell the harvested crops on the market and reinvest the profits into new land, new plantations, new projects.


Just like any start-up however, Program Otonomi needs partners to reach autonomy and help its peasant members out of poverty: financial partners, professional and technical support partners, management, training, marketing partners, etc.

Financial Partners

Credit is not something easy to obtain from financial institutions, all entrepreneurs know that very well. To bypass this difficulty, Program Otonomi turns itself toward individual lenders and NGOs ready to lend relatively modest amounts of money in the form of Credit to Dignity. In return, the Peasants Cooperative commits on the honor to repay these loans, plus compensation if possible. For more information, click on the Credit for Dignity tab.


Professional Partners

Organic faming, coop management, waste recycling, a botanical garden, efficiency, governance or applying the best practices leave no room for improvisation. In order to develop its technical expertise, manage its projects diligently and meet its obligations towards its members and supporters, Program Otonomi can count on the knowledge and experience of its professional partners.


These partners are either individuals (to preserve confidentiality, Program Otonomi does not disclose the names of its individual partners), institutions, Governments or NGOs, namely :

Archdiocese of Ende


Contributes to the Water Bearer, Otonomi, Bank Sampah programs  – Guarantees that the loans for dignity are cashed and used properly.

Caritas Belgium

Contributes to Bank Sampah, waste recycling coop.


Roncalli International Foundation

Contributes to the Ginger and Coffe Cooperative Plantation – purchases ginger seeds.

Regional Government of Flores

Contributes to the Water Bearer, Otonomi, Bank Sampah and botanical garden projects..


Rainforest Alliance

Contributes to the Bank Sampah waste recycling coop and the botanical garden project.

For more information: info@partenairededeveloppement.org