Within your means a loan for dignity

Starting a plantation means borrowing to buy land, providing guarantees, mortgaging your goods. Finding  $2 200 to buy land is not an easy task when you earn only $800 per year and decide to lift yourself out of poverty without begging.


To break out of this vicious circle, PROGRAM OTONOMI has imagined an innovative funding formula  in the form of Loans for Dignity whereby one or more Partners for Development agree to lend $2 200 for one hectare of land against a commitment to reimburse.


Make a difference

With these $ 2 200, the peasant members of our Coop will acquire one hectare of wasteland (10 000 m2),  clear it, plant 400 kg of GINGER seeds and start a nursery of 1 000 Arabica COFFEE trees. A family of poor peasants (current average annual income of $ 700 to $ 900) will take responsibility for preparing the soil, planting its ginger seeds and coffee trees, and farming this hectare to achieve the highest possible yield.


Planting 400 kg of ginger seeds per hectare yields an average of 3 tons (3,000 kg) of ginger every two years. At $ 1.20 to $ 1.50 per kilogram, these 3 000 kilos will generate an income of $3 600 to $ 4 500 for the peasant family, or between $ 1 800 and $ 2,250 annually, thus doubling (and more) its previous annual revenue. And after 9 years, the 1 000 Arabica coffee trees will generate an additional annual income of $ 1 600 to $ 2 000 for the same family.


After one year only, 21 hectares are currently being cultivated by 21 peasant families, thanks to the Loans for Dignity made by Partners for Development.


A relationship based on reciprocity and equality

Thanks to your Loan for Dignity, a peasant family steps out of poverty, takes charge of its own destiny and achieves financial autonomy. In counterpart, the peasants Cooperative - jointly with the Archdiocese of Flores – commits  to reimburse your Loan for Dignity within a maximum period of 7 years. Based on the overall yield of the plantation over these 7 years, the repayment of your Loan will be bonified with a Gratitude lump sum payment. You will have the option to reinvest (or not) all or part of this amount in the development of new hectares.



Transfer your $2 200 Loan directly to the bank account of the Archdiocese of Flores (Karitas Keuskupan Agung Ende). See Flores’s Archbishop’s letter conferring the mandate on Gilles Raymond to build this Partnership for Development. Upon receipt, the farmers Coop will confirm by email that the money is being used to purchase a new hectare (pictures of the traditional ceremony will be sent and the name of the beneficiary family as well).


The signature of a Partnership Contract between yourself and the Flores Archdiocese will confirm your participation to PROGRAM OTONOMI as a Partner for Development.

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